• Cyclone 10 FPGA (10CL025YU256C8G):
    • Logic Elements: 25,000
    • RAM: 594 Kb
    • 4x PLL:
      • > 300 MHz
    • 18 x 18 Multiplier: 66
  • Arrow USB-Programmer (with USB to Serial Interface)
  • SDRAM (W9864G6JT-6): 64 Mb

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The CYC1000 FPGA Development Board is for everybody who needs more logic elements than you get with the MAX1000. You have an external SDRAM, flash, accelerometer and programmer like with the MAX1000, but instead of the MAX10 with 8,000 (or 16,000 logic elements with the MAX1000 16k), you have a Cyclone 10 FPGA with 25,000 logic elements. The CYC1000 doesn’t feature the plug & play and high speed capabilities of the Core MAX10 or the internal ADC and Flash from the MAX10, but you can still profit from the extremly high performance of FPGAs, the onboard programmer or the onboard SDRAM.

Whether you want to program with your own modular NIOS processor using Arduino libraries. Create a 200MHz logic analyzer that you can use together with our serial plotter. Or build a self balancing robot together with the onboard accelerometer. The capabilities of this development board are way beyond the usual microcontroller board you could get for this price.

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