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The Core MAX10 Ultra comes in the same package as the usual Core MAX10, but with 2x the Logic Elements, 50% more RAM, 4 instead of 2 PLLs and more advantages. If you mastered your first projects and want to make even bigger ones, this is the board for you.

With its many I/Os, internal ADC, large RAM, Flash and an onboard USB programmer, you can even realize complex projects with many components and an internal Arduino-compatible processor that work together.
Unlike other cheap development boards it features a CRUVI High Speed connector that allows to connect e.g. Camera, Display, RAM, Ethernet and a lot more extensions with differential I/Os so the FPGA can reach its full potential.

More Information: https://vhdplus.com/docs/components/overview#vhdplus-core-max10-ultra

Weight 0,038 kg
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 2,5 cm


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