VHDPlus IAS Camera Extension


  • CRUVI High Speed Connector
  • 1x OnSemi IAS Camera Connector
  • 1x HDMI Display Output

Works together with:

  • VHDPlus Core MAX10
  • Appletec AR0430 Camera
  • HDMI Displays

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Video: https://youtu.be/nYiUiKzc0ho

The IAS Camera and Display extension allows to connect OnSemi cameras with IAS connector to an FPGA development board with CRUVI HS connector. It features an HDMI port that can be used to output the image of the camera. The powersupply and oscillator for the camera is also on board, so you just have to connect the extension with FPGA board and the camera to have a working system. This can be used to program object detection, make your own safety camera and much more. With the IAS connector with 4 MIPI CSI-2 lanes and a standard HDMI port, you are verry flexible with the choise of camera and display you want to connect.

More Information: https://vhdplus.com/docs/components/onsemi_camera

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